Maureen Morvan

  • Birthdate : 12/27/1987
  • Co-founder / Lead singer: Writes lyrics.
  • Instruments : Micro HF Sennheiser Ew 135 g3 / BOSS VE-20 Bundle pedal

From her early age, she joined the school choir, participating in musical projects of his school and it is at 11 that she made her first solo singing in England with her music teacher in front of a hundred people during a school vacation.

Varying tastes and colors, music issue, it is finally when she was 16, she discovered Nightwish and she turned to the symphonic metal, then to the metal in all its branches. Self-taught, she learned singing thanks to the multiple possibilities offered by the internet and took 3 years of singing lessons when she moved to Strasbourg, where she will create with Nicolas in 2011 the band MIDNIGHT SORROW.

Since then, she made some appearances in other groups as a guest, and she continues,now, to work her technique to have the best of his vocal composition within the group.