Maureen Morvan
Birthdate : 12/27/1987 Co-founder / Lead singer: Writes lyrics. Instruments : Micro HF Sennheiser Ew 135 g3 / BOSS VE-20 Bundle pedal From her early age, she joined the school choir, participating in musical projects of his school and it is at 11 that she made her first solo singing in England with her music...
Nicolas Mickael
Birthdate: 07/30/1986 Co-founder/Keyboards, Principale Composer, orchestrations. Instruments : Roland Juno-D / Korg Krome / Sustain & Expression pedals Starting at age of 12 to reproduce songs heard here and there, on his sister’s keyboard. At 17, he heard Epica’s “The phantom agony” at the corner of a music shop, but it’s really by listening to...
De Chirurg
Birthday : 10/15/1984 Drums Instrument: Graduate form the drummers school AGONISTI from Dijon (france), Dr chirur had few bands before he joigned Midnight Sorrow in 2019. His influences : Therion, Wintersun, Draconinan, Harakiri for the sky. He like artisanal Beer
Médéric Harant
Birthday : 30/08/1997 Bassist Instruments: Médéric Is a big fan of Nightwish and Epica … He had his first bass at 6 and join Midnight Sorrow in 2017 to live is childhood dream : Walk into Marko Hietala steps ! And f course take pleasure & experience !
William Simon
Birthdate: 02/18/1984 Bass: Write bass parts Instruments: Squier Precision Bass Vintage Modified / Tech21 Vt bass Character Series pedal William got his start in music early, with the classic combination music theory/flute, then focused on the saxophone for several years in a harmonic orchestra. Very eclectic, his interest is not to play a particular style...